Would You Risk Your Life To Save A Car From A Burning Transport Truck?

Probably depends on what car we're talking about.

Life is all about making the best of your situation whether it’s good or bad. Sometimes that means staying patient during a long wait in an airport security line. Other times it means having to rescue a car from the back of a flaming transport truck, as this Chinese truck driver does in this video. After safely saving a single Volkswagen he realizes the extent of the crisis and decides that his life is worth more than a handful of sedans. Maybe he would have gone back had he been hauling Paganis or Koenigseggs, but that's a big maybe.

If our eyes serve us correctly, the truck seems to contain Audis and/or Volkswagens (same thing in the end). In any case, we can’t help but love the metaphor for Volkswagen’s current financial state.

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