Would You Still Buy A French Car After Watching One Melt To Death In A Heat Wave?


Way to surrender to the sun.

To be fair, we don’t know all the facts of this story. What we do know, and the photos/video that we have, comes to us courtesy of John Westbrook. Westbrook is a British cabbie who was on vacation in Italy when he saw a Renault Megane wagon melting to death. According to The Mirror, Westbrook and his family were in the coastal town of Caorle (near-ish Venice) when the temperatures started hitting 37 Celsius, or about 99 degrees Fahrenheit. That was apparently all it took to melt the Renault's exterior.

Now 99 degrees is hot but not unbearable for humans and should certainly be survivable for cars. If you have a theory as to why this wagon melted to death, aside from the heat, let us know in the comments.

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