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Would You Turn Down $1 Million for this Zagato-Built Ferrari 575 GTZ?

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Some Italian guy did.

Back in 2006, Italian coachbuilder Zagato was tasked with creating six 575 GTZ models to celebrate the Ferrari 250 GT Zagato of the 1950s – often cited as the companies most successful collaboration. Using a Ferrari 575 Maranello complete with its 5.75-liter V12 as a base, Zagato created custom body work inspired by the original classic. The commission came from Japanese collector Yushiyuki Hayashi, and Zagato built six examples.

Two were delivered to Hayashi – one for driving use, the other to be stored in a garage. Thanks to unique features, no two models are alike. This particular example was finished in a two-tone grey body paint, features a silver-painted "double bubble" roof design, and a black egg-crate grille sporting a silver Cavallino. Crema-colored quilted leather adorns the cabin. Last weekend, the rare Ferrari 575 GTZ went up for auction in Monaco and the highest bid of 800,000 Euros wasn't deemed enough by the car's current Italian owner. Was he right to hold out for more or is that just plain greedy?

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