Wouldn't Slicing A Tesla Model S In Half Involve Slicing The Batteries, Too?

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There's gotta be a workaround.

Limousines will be popular for many reasons, and it's always fun to see which cars receive the limo treatment. Typically, this is done aftermarket, but not always, as evidenced by that one-off Audi A8L extended. But what we haven't seen is a stretched Tesla Model S. Until now. Big Limos, a California-based limo conversion company, has built what it calls the "world's first Tesla limo." No technical details were released, making us wonder how the hell they were able to slice through the EV's batteries.

Actually, it looks like the batteries were removed entirely during the slicing. The company also released this cool, 22-second time-lapsed video showing the slicing and dicing. If a Model S limo is something you've gotta have, then you're in luck because Big Limos is currently taking orders. No word on cost but it's reasonable to assume it's not cheap.

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