Wow! The Nurburgring Actually Does Have Some Friendly Drivers

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Time for something other than crashing at the Green Hell.

Going to the Nurburgring should be a celebration that doesn't end with a damaged car or a trip to the hospital. Unfortunately, not all drivers are careful and tend to do stupid things that lead to, what else, crashes. However, there are still plenty of amateur drivers who pay the toll and enter the Nurburgring purely for fun with no desire to prove anything in relation to speed and lap times. They just want to have fun and celebrate being at one of the greatest tracks on the planet.

Last week we brought you a video, courtesy of EMS Nordschleife TV, showcasing 10 minutes worth of cocky idiot drivers nearly crashing. But today, because it's New Year's Eve and a time for everyone to start fresh, we figured a video of the friendliest Nurburgring drivers would be more appropriate.

No serious crashes. No injuries. No desperate phone calls to insurance companies. This is just plain Nurburgring fun. Though you'll be seeing some cool cars throughout the video, there are also plenty of non-performance cars. One example: a Volkswagen bus. Remember, Nurburgring entry does not require an expensive sports car or supercar, but rather a specific engine size. Even motorcycles can enter if they're powerful enough. So why don't you kick back, enjoy the video, and have a safe and Happy New Year.

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