WP Chrysler Debuts the 1932 Dodge

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No glitz. No glamour. No big hoopla. This is how Walter P Chrysler and company rolled out a new car in the 1930s.

These days, when a company introduces a new car, it actually shows the car. Or at least part of it. And sure, it might talk a long while on what's new about the car in question and why it's important. But 1932 was another era. Back then, America was in the midst of the Great Depression, and would go to war in Europe and the Pacific nine years later. It was another time in which a different kind of automobile was being produced by a different kind of company. Just check out this video unearthed from the archives to see what we mean.

Walter P Chrysler and his deputies take to the movie reel to present the 1932 Dodge (no real model names back then), but instead of showing the car and what it can do, they mostly talk about how they made it.

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