Wraptivo "Hellaflush" Nissan GT-R at SEMA

SEMA 2010 / Comments

SEMA hasn't even begun yet and it seems as if we're just writing more and more news bits for it. In that spirit, there's yet another preview for something unique appearing at, you guessed it...SEMA. Ernie Manansala, known for creating the NOS Lexus SC300 a while back, has now created something even more menacing. Teaming up with Wraptivo, he's debuting what could possibly be the most bad ass looking GT-R yet.

Upon first glance, this looks like a flat black GT-R. Just look closer at the body and you'll see carbon fiber accents, including the roof. Ok, so they've cut some weight here and there, but there's definitely something up with those wheels. From what we can tell, the wheels are powdercoated with a red matte finish and a "hellaflush" fitment with wheelspacers. The suspension has also been updated with a set of KW coilovers and upgraded with Falken tires. Complete details will be available when SEMA begins next week.

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