Wrecking A Gorgeous Ferrari 458 Is The Best Way To Ruin Christmas

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You also ruin Christmas for your insurance agent, too.

Unfortunately for gearheads, Ferrari 458 crashes aren't the most uncommon event in the world. That being said, it still sucks to see one bite the dust. This gorgeous baby blue example met its maker in a crash near Shanghai. Apparently the woman behind the wheel blazed through an intersection and lost control. The Spider smashed through some barriers and hit a lamppost before coming to rest on a curb. As you can see, the damage to the supercar is pretty damn extensive. The entire rear half is basically done for.

The driver was unhurt but the 458 spilled its guts into the street. We have to think this thing is going to be a write-off, or a bargain buy for someone on the hunt for a cheap supercar. Either way, our hearts are broken.

Source Credits: news.163.com

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