WTF?! Dodge SRT Viper Production Has Stopped (Again)

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Sorry, but this isn't a joke.

Only a few days ago, we were wondering for just how long Dodge SRT Viper production would last after being shut down for two months. As a quick recap, Chrysler pulled the plug on Viper production from last March until June 23 due to slow sales. Things got moving again as scheduled, but after just two weeks, things have come to halt (again). Autoblog reports that things were proceeding normally until just before the Fourth of July Weekend.

But only after two weeks of work, the 91 employees of the Conner Avenue facility have been told to stay at home for an additional two weeks. As of right now, Chrysler says that Viper production won't begin again until July 21, at the earliest. This has all happened despite Chrysler's efforts to better train dealerships to preset the Viper to wealthy potential buyers. $100,000+ supercars just aren't an easy sell. But still, this is the automaker's halo car we're talking about here. It'd be an outright shame if the Viper's life was cut short because not enough people wanted one.

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