WTF? FR-S Convertible is Delayed Again

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Seriously, WTF?

The on-again, off-again open top version of the Scion FR-S/Toyota GT-86 appears to be, well, off-again, again. Despite showing the FT-86 Open concept at Geneva last March, Toyota has apparently dropped plans for the time being for a production version. Despite many believing that an FR-S convertible was inevitable, it's important to point out that Toyota never confirmed the car's production; it only wanted to gauge the public's interest when showing that concept.

But rumors of it being green lit continued, and now a new report is claiming that an FR-S convertible is still a ways off because Toyota needs to do additional work in improving the car's rigidity and handling once the top if removed. Another issue is weight, something a convertible variant will add to the famously lightweight FR-S. Because of this, the convertible "has now been delayed indefinitely." It could still happen at some point, but we wouldn't hold our breath.

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