WTFBuzz - The Russian Knit-mobile Perfect for Grandma

Further proof that Russia might have the most interesting cars on the road in the world.

Straight from the roads of Russia comes a car that, like our favorite CalTech theoretical physicist Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper would say, would be perfect for our "Mee-Maws." "Big Bang Theory" grandmother's aside, this is yet another car from Moscow that both bemuses and befuddles. Spotted around the city by the experts over at EnglishRussia, they lovingly call it the "knitted-mobile" and for good reason.

The car (we are assuming a Russian-built something-or-other) has been completely covered by quilting. The entire frame, hood and bumpers have been intricately put together and stitched to create a truly unique effect that not only commands attention but most likely smells terrible after a rainstorm. A roll of blue yarn has even been placed around the antenna on the roof as well for good measure. Beautiful or bazinga, you be the judge and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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