X-Men's Beast Tackles A Handling Course In An AWD Jaguar

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Luckily the British actor didn't need to do the course in his blue X-Men 'Beast' makeup.

Jaguar's XF is the sleek bigger brother to the XE model, and it's every bit as cool. Having a few motor choices coupled to a great all-wheel drive transmission gives the big cat some great handling while clever electronics distribute power and braking to afford the XF maximum traction. British actor Nicholas Hoult, best known for playing 'Beast' in X-Men, put an R-Sport model through it's paces on Jaguar's Smart Cone Challenge to test his skill and reactions. Apparently he needed to hone them for an upcoming non X-Men driving role.

The test track was set up in the picturesque Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. There are worse places out there to test a car's dynamic handling.

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The Jaguar Smart Cone Challenge uses wireless technology to randomly illuminate pairs of cones on a track, so the course isn't one you can practice. This is where driving skill comes into play, and quick changes in direction on loose gravel forces the XF's AWD to deliver torque to the front axle when it senses a loss of traction. Hoult didn't do too bad, giving us hope he might not damage any cars on the set of Collide, an upcoming movie featuring loads of Jaguars. We'd prefer to see him try out one of the bigger XF cars though, the 2.0-liter he used is the baby of the R-Sport range with just 177-hp on tap. Still, the challenge looked like a lot of fun.

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