Xplore Vehicles Reveal Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Kits

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Xplore has announced 3 off-road kits for the Toyota 4Runner.

Xplore is known for offering a broad range of off-road and adventure packages for Jeeps and SUVs. They have recently announced their upgrade kits for the Toyota FJ Cruiser, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. Recently, they have focused most of their attention on the Toyota 4Runner, and a series of packages were revealed this week. The 4Runner kit is offered in three stages. The Stage 1 kit includes a National Park Foundation dashboard badge, floor mats and Katzkin leather interior.

The Stage 2 kit comes with special road-trip worthy BFGoodrich wrapped aluminum wheels, stainless steel exhaust and Bilstein dampers. The 3rd stage includes a large range of options offered by the manufacturer, such as a winch, locking differentials, large driving lights, refrigerator and fortified bumpers. The 3-stage 4Runner kit is designed to give you style and substance when going out on treks, expeditions, journey's, jaunts, holidays, etc. Every Xplore kit comes with a subscription to Xplore's Lifestyle Journal magazine and an awesome bonus of a one-year pass to all National Parks in the U.S.

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