Yamaha's New Concept Is A Perfect Light Weight Japanese Sports Car

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They absolutely nailed it!

Although Yamaha is most well-known for producing motorcycles and quadbikes, the Japanese manufacturer has just stunned the automotive world with the debut of an awesome new sports car concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. The concept dubbed the "Sports Ride" has a compact design which is inspired by the feeling of riding a motorcycle. The concept is incredibly light weight, at only 1,650 pounds, is entirely constructed from carbon fiber and has a characteristically JDM style.

The Sports Ride concept was designed to work seamlessly with the iStream process created by Gordon Murrary, the designer of the legendary McLaren F1. Yamaha has yet to reveal what the power-base of a production Sports Ride might be, but there is speculation that it could potentially utilize the small 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine which was featured in the 2013 MOTIV.e concept and produces between 70 to 80 hp. Although this may seem like a minuscule amount of power it could have excellent performance potential considering the vehicle's super light weight.

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