YangWang U9 Is The Strangest Supercar You've Ever Seen

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It's from China, and it can hit 60 mph in two seconds.

Chinese automaker BYD just shocked the world by revealing a new electric supercar to headline its new luxury sub-brand, YangWang. Yes, the name sounds silly in English, but it means "looking up" in Chinese. The supercar will be dubbed the YangWang U9, which isn't exactly exciting. The specs are exciting, though, with 0-62 mph reportedly taking just two seconds. That puts the U9 in close competition with the Rimac Nevera, which can make the sprint in 1.97 seconds.

But while the Rimac starts at over $2 million, early estimates for the U9 have it around one million Yuan. This translates to around $145,000. That means it will even be cheaper than the Tesla Roadster, which has yet to be confirmed for production.

YangWang YangWang YangWang

YangWang calls the design language the "Gate of Time and Space." We aren't exactly sure what that means, but the design is aesthetically pleasing. Power comes from four independent electric motors generating more than 1,100 hp. The car also features an "extremely safe structure."

We don't have many other details about the U9 because Chinese automaker press releases are notoriously hard to come across in the US and BYD only teased the supercar during the reveal of another YangWang vehicle called the U8.

YangWang YangWang

The YangWang U8 looks like a Land Rover Defender rival with impressive off-road capability. Like the U9, it's powered by four electric motors producing 295 to 322 hp each. Overall, the U8 can produce up to 1,100 hp, meaning it can hit 62 mph in just three seconds. Since the motors are all independent, the U8 can do a 360-degree tank turn and crab walk like a GMC Hummer. It can even float (like Tesla says the Cybertruck will do) thanks to a waterproof sealed body.

You may not have heard of BYD, but the Chinese automaker sold 911,410 EVs last year and is on pace to overtake Tesla in full-electric sales in 2023. Judging by these new YangWang models, BYD is a force to be reckoned with.

YangWang YangWang YangWang YangWang YangWang

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