Yeltsin's Limo For Sale, Clearly The Strong Smell Of Vodka Didn't Affect The Price

"The Soviet system is actually incredibly unfair." - Nikolai Jackov

This one would have to go to a very specific sort of car collector, but we're sure that there's such a person out there. The luxury goods miscellany seller James Edition is advertising a 1989 ZIL limousine used to transport the president of the Soviet Union, and later of the Russian Federation. It was in use from 1989 to 2007, and the ad mentions it being used by both Gorbachov and Yeltsin. Having been in service through '07, it would seem to have been used by Putin too, although he isn't mentioned.

Since it was part of a fleet of limos, it's possible that Putin just used a newer one, or skipped limos altogether in favor of going everywhere shirtless on horseback. From the pictures, it appears to have leather upholstery in the front and velour in the back, which is an interesting choice. And knowing what we do about Yeltsin, we assume that the velour still smells strongly of vodka. The asking price is $1.5 million euros, which is currently pretty close to the same in dollars. It's quite a price for a communist-built car from 1989, but you can't put a price on history. Although it does only have 18k miles on it.

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