Yes, A Japanese Sports Car Can Be A Safe Daily Driver In The Winter

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Surprisingly this car doesn't end up in a snowbank.

I am fortunate enough to live in a place where it never snows. That would be San Francisco, California. That means I've never had to worry about buying a car that could "handle" winter. When people think of cars that can't hack it come winter, rear-wheel-drive sports cars come to mind. The Scion FR-S probably isn't most people's ideas of a winter warrior. However, YouTube channel EverydayDriver argues that with the right tires the FR-S will do just fine in the snow. If a BMW M4 could do it, right?

As always it seems the tires make the biggest difference, and the FR-S in this video is running a set of winter tires. Still, it's cool to see that with the proper equipment a little RWD sports car can still survive come winter.

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