Yes, All Ford Bronco First Editions Will Be Model Year 2021

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There seems to be some confusion among dealers and customers.

There seems to be some confusion over the new trail-trampling, dirt-loving Ford Bronco. And we're not talking about the fact that your average driver sees the smaller Bronco Sport and assumes it's the full shebang. We're talking about reservations for the big Bronco, and what happens when you change or cancel it.

This confusion came to our attention yesterday when checking out some forum posts. One person in particular wasn't clear if he was going to get a First Edition marked model year 2021 or 2022. His dealer was giving him the run around, so we figured we'd go straight to the Blue Oval.

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The post from Bronco6G explains that the customer called the dealer and asked to convert his Bronco reservation and build it as a model year 2022. The dealer said that most customers were getting a MY 2022 anyway and offered to cancel his order until he was ready.

Ford has a code called Priority 99 for the Bronco, which means to hold off on the build for now without losing your place in line. So the customer asked for that. The dealer said "fine" but his First Edition would still be 2022 and that Ford was running out of engines to put in them anyway. We didn't find evidence of either.

The dealer then added that the customer might not see the vehicle until 2023.


We talked to Ford to clear things up. First, all First Editions will be model year 2021, no matter when they arrive. For those 7,000 or so people that reserved, they'll get an honest to goodness collector item, especially as we see old Bronco prices shooting up to the stratosphere. After delays, production will resume this summer.

What if you change your order, do you keep your spot in line? And will Ford still build 7,000 examples?

"As some of the First Edition customers have switched to other trim series to better match their needs," says Ford, "to maintain exclusivity we now expect to build less than 7,000 First Editions. We'll share final production numbers at the end of the 2021 model year."


If you change your order, you will NOT lose your spot in line, says Ford. And the company will be "reaching out to customers who have converted their reservations into orders with their expected delivery timeline prior to deliveries beginning."

And if you're wondering about the Badlands, Outer Banks or any of the other trims, yes, the entire lineup will be available as a 2021. Whether you will actually receive it in 2021, is a question for another time.

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