Yes, Everyone Still Loves The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

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Out favorite (almost) bald British reviewer aside from Chris Harris tells us what he really thinks.

Okay, we get it. There's a bit too much buzz going on about the Alfa Romeo Giulia, especially the Quadrifoglio version, but bear with us because the wave has almost past. For now, we're just making up for nearly 20 years of Alfa Romeo absence, especially when it has come back with a clover leaf-badged wrench and thrown it into the modern sports sedan establishment. To truly get an accurate gauge of the car, it needs to be tested, compared, and given a seal of approval.

To check off the latter requirement, we now turn to a trusted source of automotive verification, Alex Goy. The noted fan of lightweight British cars like Lotus loves nothing more than being highly engaged in the driving process. And fortunately for him, that's something the Giulia Quadrifoglio does very well.

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As expected, he loves the Giulia though he starts out with a healthy amount of skepticism, chalking up his previous brushes with the brand as mediocre at best, especially in regards to reliability. At least Goy's Giulia manages to both not break down during the test and put a wide grin on the man's face. So what will it be, does Alfa Romeo have a convert in Goy or is this car just another attempt to topple the pinnacle of the segment, the BMW M3? The answer lies somewhere in between, at least until there's an M3 available for Goy to challenge the Giulia QV with.

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