Yes! Ford, This Is Exactly What A New Bronco Should Look Like


Build this ASAP.

Not so long ago, we got wind that Ford was seriously considering reviving both its Bronco SUV and Ranger pickup truck for the US market. Why the sudden about-face? Because gas is cheap again and GM is having massive success with the Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon twins. We're not complaining. While Ford continues to work out the details, especially with the UAW, Ford Bronco enthusiasts are obviously and understandably thrilled.

2020 is the earliest potential launch date, but if these kickass Bronco renderings, courtesy of the Bronco6g forum, are any indication as to what Ford designers have in mind, it'll be very much worth the wait. Bronco6g claims its renderings incorporate styling elements from the 2004 Bronco concept as well as past production Broncos. There are plenty of present day Ford truck design cues. We especially dig those classic round headlights and square inset front grille, a la gen-1 Bronco. Here's hoping a tall, boxy, tough, and no frills design with proper off-road capabilities is what Ford is planning.

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