Yes, People Are Still Boosting Wheels In 2015


Not even a parking garage can keep your car safe.

It's got to be an immensely crappy feeling to leave work and walk out to this. A forum member of MBWorld was working in Florida when she spotted this scene in a hospital's parking garage. A 911 Turbo S was literally up on blocks, the thieves having stolen the wheels. According to the original poster (OP), the car belonged to a doctor and the thieves had hit the parking garage before. Many questioned how the thieves could have done something so brazen in broad daylight.

According to the OP, who spoke to the police, this isn't the first time a car lost its wheels in the hospital's parking garage. The thieves need only minutes to strip the wheels and put the car on blocks. The only cameras are at the entrance, exit and rear so they can work without fear of being videoed. The lesson in all this: Never trust Florida parking garages.

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