Yes, This TRON-Inspired McLaren 12C Is Much Louder Than A Light Cycle

Damn this supercar looks good.

Yes, this TRON-wrapped McLaren 12C isn’t exactly a new thing. This video was shot back in January after all. We see a lot of supercars, so cut us some slack. Anyway, this ingenious wrap came courtesy of Team Wolfpack. As you might have guessed it was created for Gumball 3000, albeit the 2014 running of the rally. It’s safe to say that the 12C Spider looks damn good in neon blue-on-black, with the blue especially popping whenever a light (or camera flash) hits it.

Of course there’s some revving going on in this video, so go ahead and turn up the volume before hitting play. Note to the 1 percent of the world: We need more TRON supercar wraps, now.

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