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Yes, You Need A Diamond Key To Hit 267 MPH In The Veyron Pur Blanc

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When it comes to the one percent diamonds are a need, not a luxury.

Under normal circumstances a key encrusted with 10 carats of black diamonds attached to a chain made of 150 carats of black diamonds would be overkill. But this is no ordinary key and it damn sure isn't used on an ordinary car. No, this key activates Top Speed Mode on the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Pur Blanc. The top speed of the Pur Blanc is 267.8 mph and to hit that you'll need a second key, in addition to the one already in the ignition.

Top Speed Mode offers the driver a quick checklist to ensure that driving conditions are safe enough to go ridiculously fast. Every driver who has seen this checklist likely lied through it, but the car doesn't know that. Is there every really a good time and place to go for 250 mph? This key is a custom job from New York's Itay Malkin Jewelry and no price is listed. Rest assured that it costs a lot, though.

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