Yesterday's Heroes: Ford GT Vs Porsche Carrera GT

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They were both part of the old and now retired era of analog supercars.

To this day, they're both still two of the greatest supercars to have ever been built. Each one has its own unique flavor and attitude. And yet they represented the very best that Ford and Porsche, respectively, had to offer roughly a decade ago. Look at today's supercars and it's amazing to see just how far various technologies have advanced, but the Ford GT and Porsche Carrera GT remain two of the greatest analog supercars.

Unlike today's machines, both the GT and Carrera GT came powered by gasoline engines without the aid of any hybrid boost. Both had six-speed manuals and neither was considered an ideal daily driver. We don't need to go into any detail explaining why the Porsche was a bit of a hard case. The Ford GT also wasn't the most comfortable for commuting purposes. But for those drivers who knew how to properly handle them, the rewards were significant. And sadly, there will never be anything like the Ford GT and Porsche Carrera GT ever again. We've now entered the era of high-tech supercars where their computers eliminate any driving quirks. It's too bad, because those quirks were part of the fun.


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