Yikes! Mutant Chrysler Crossfire Gets AMG Motor and Audi Lights

One-off creature creation also gets full carbon-fiber body and gold wheels.

As a short-lived sports car from the dark ages ofDaimler-Chrysler, the Crossfire was never the company’s proudestachievement. But rather than letting it wallow away in our memories, an Italian tuner called FB-ONE has decided to bring it back tolife in a truly mutant form. With a new carbon-fiber body, wide gold wheels, a Mercedes AMG 3.2-liter engine that's been tuned to 400 horsepower andheadlights sourced from an Audi A8, this is a now a car that you’ll truly never be able to forget.

Check out the German-American-Italian lovechild, directlyfrom the Top Marques 2014 show:

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