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Yo, Alfa Romeo: Build this Rendering of the Giulia

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Build the car that'll really make VW wish it could buy you.

We all know that Alfa Romeo is planning an entirely new lineup consisting of rear-wheel-drive, Italian emotion-infused sedans and coupes. Well, mostly sedans and possibly even a hatchback here and there. Unlike the current situation, Alfa is on the brink of a North American comeback. We predict it'll be welcomed with open arms by brand loyalists and newcomers looking for something other than the country club favorite Audis, BMWs, and Mercedes.

Aside from the insanely limited production 4C, Alfa is planning a new Giulia. At some point after its initial launch, a high-performance GTA variant will arrive attempting to dethrone the M3. It's a matchup worth getting excited about. In the meantime, speculation is growing as to what the Giulia sedan will look like. This new rendering from German designer Thorsten Krisch is what Alfa should build. Aggressive. Sexy. Emotional. We love it. We want it. Alfa Romeo, whatever you do, don't mess this one up.

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