You Can Bullsh-t Your Way Out Of A Ticket When You're Jeremy Clarkson

Job or no job, he's still Jezza.

Despite being jobless at the moment, which we all know won’t last forever, Jeremy Clarkson seems to be keeping himself fairly busy. Busy as in driving around London in a green Lamborghini Huracan. Unemployment is a bitch. The Daily Mail (always the source of absolute truth) claims the Huracan is borrowed, but Jezza still managed to nearly get a ticket for parking on yellow lines. Apparently, he stopped to check out a black Ferrari Pininfarina 275. Can’t blame the guy for having good taste.

Then a traffic warden noticed the parking infraction and began to write a ticket, only to quickly recognize the guy he was about to write the ticket for. The pair then chatted for a few minutes before walking away laughing, and no ticket for the ex-Top Gear host. Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail.

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