You Can Buy A BMW 840Ci Like This One For Less Than $15,000

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Depreciation. It's an awesome thing.

BMW is about to unveil its reborn 8 Series grand tourer and if it's anything like the concept, it's going to be spectacular. Next week, a rumored M8 Gran Coupe concept could be shown at Geneva. It's nice to talk about the 8 Series again in present tense. Then again, we'll always have a thing for the original 8 Series, built from 1989 till 1999. BMW's flagship was, at first, V12-powered only, but a 4.0-liter V8 option came in 1995, dubbed the 840Ci.

As Motor Week reminds us, aside from having four less cylinders, lack of wood trim, and a five-speed automatic gearbox in place of a six-speed manual, the V8-powered 8 Series was identical to its more powerful (and heavier) sibling. It was also $17k cheaper. BMW sold them beginning at around $68k, which is pretty good compared to the V12's $85k starting point.

But because this was 23 years ago and things have a tendency to decrease in value, we did a quick check online and, low and behold, you can buy an 840Ci today for less than $15,000. Spend a couple grand more and you can snag one with less than 100,000 miles, which is still a pretty solid deal. Of course we're talking about an old BMW here, and let's just say there's likely to be some mechanical issues that will have to be dealt with. Unfortunately, this likely won't be cheap. On the other hand, you'd have yourself an original 8 Series, without question one of the coolest cars BMW has ever built. Heck, it even came with its own cell phone, though it was not cordless. Ah, the 90s. We miss it.

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