You Can Buy A BMW M1 Owned By The Legendary Niki Lauda

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There's just one catch, though - the price.

The BMW M1 is an incredibly rare and sought-after car. Only 453 were built between 1978 and 1981 so you don't see them for sale very often, and it's the only BMW of its time that can be considered a true supercar, sporting a mid-engine setup that hasn't been replicated until the hybrid i8. It also has plenty of racing pedigree, with three-time F1 champion Niki Lauda notably winning the 1979 BMW M1 Procar Series championship. Following his win, a road-going M1 was handed over to Lauda – and now it's up for sale on Craiglist (assuming this isn't a scam ad).

The seller states that Lauda originally sold the M1 in Austria to raise money for his airliner, Lauda Line, before the owner later sold it to an American collector. The seller on Craiglist then bought it from the previous owner, complete with the original shipping container Lauda used to transport it from Europe. Apparently, he never took it out of the shipping container. The Drive got in touch with the seller, who confirmed that he has documents to prove Lauda's ownership of the M1, including a bill of sale and verification letters from BMW stating that it was sent to the famous F1 driver. Unsurprisingly, the M1 has barely been used, and has less than 11,000 miles on the clock, though the seller reports that it hasn't been run in a few years.

A 1979 BMW M1 will command $532,000 according to a valuation on Hagerty, but the seller is hoping to rake in $1,750,000 for Lauda's M1. The value of the M1 is on the rise, but such a steep price hike seems hard to justify, even with a former F1 driver on the previous owners list. This isn't the only car previously owned by an F1 driver that's looking for a new owner right now, either – Jenson Button's Ford GT will be going up for auction later this month.

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