You Can Buy A Brick From The Original Corvette Factory For $25


And stones go for just $5.

Way back in 1953, the first Chevrolet Corvettes rolled off the assembly line. But that original Corvette factory wasn't located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the now longtime home of the Vette. Flint, Michigan, was the original facility where the first 300 Corvettes were produced. After that GM moved production to St. Louis, Missouri before finally settling in Kentucky. The Flint factory was demolished 12 years ago but someone went around and gathered up the bricks, pebbles, and stones that were once the facility's walls.

And now the National Corvette Museum is selling those remnants normally reserved for the garbage dump. You can buy an original factory brick for $25. It features an engraved numbered plate and proper certification proving its legitimacy (for $25 it better had). If that price is too steep for you then for a measly $5 you can get a factory stone, without the engraving or commemoration. According to a museum official, people have been buying the bricks to be used in fire pits and even as driveway accents. The stones will likely end up collecting dust in a drawer somewhere.

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