You Can Buy Hennessey's Texas Drag Strip Right Now For $2.7 Million

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Think of it as a gearhead's playground.

Some guys throw down serious money on man caves, while others prefer to invest in cars and real estate. Why not combine all three? Now you can – for $2.7 million, that is. Turns out that Sealy, Texas-based Hennessey Performance is selling its drag strip, appropriately called Lonestar Motorsports Park, which is located directly next to its development center. For what reason? John Hennessey himself explained to Automobile Magazine that "This is purely a smart real-estate move. If it sells for what we ask, great. If no one buys it, we might end up keeping it."

Actually, $2.7 million isn't so bad, considering what you'd be getting: a 55-acre facility with an IHRA sanctioned quarter-mile dragstrip, enclosed air-conditioned concession stands, spectator grand stands that can seat 800, staging lanes, a control tower, lights, timing equipment and other equipment. Oh, for an "additional cost" you can tack on another 70 acres. Hennessey also says the complex can be converted into a road course. There's only one a slight catch: Hennessey uses the track for testing its vehicles, and there will be a stipulation in the final contract allowing it to continue doing so. Hennessey is also looking to sell the facility in order to help finance annual production expansion from 400 vehicles to above 1,000.

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