You Can Buy Michael Schumacher's Ferrari California

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It's probably the one to have.

Michael Schumacher is without question one of the greatest - if not the greatest (argue in the comments) Formula 1 drivers ever. He's won seven world titles, something thought largely out of reach until Lewis Hamilton told us all to shut up, sit down, and watch. He also helped Ferrari develop its road cars. In an ideal world, we imagine he would have had a hand in the development of the Ferrari Portofino - the successor to a car Michael quite liked, the Ferrari California.

Not only did Schumacher help to develop the California, but he also owned one. And now you can own it. There is a bit of a catch. The car is up for auction in Switzerland, where Schumacher and his family spent much of their lives.

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The car is a 2009 model, the first year of the California's production. According to the listing, it's chassis 168913, if you care about that sort of thing. The car is finished in Argento Nurburgring Silver, fitting given Schumacher's German ancestry. He ordered the car in 2009, the very same year he left the famous Formula 1 team where he won five of his seven world titles.

The car also has some special touches to make sure everyone knows you're whipping Schumi's 'Rarri. There's the carbon trim, Grigio Gerro (black-brownish) stripes, and white stitching. That white stitching is what makes up the embossed "MS" logo on the headrests. Other than that, the rest of the car is the same as every other Ferrari California, right down to the 2008 World Constructors Champion badge on the dash.

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With only 15,643 km on it (9,720 miles), this California is in just about as good a shape as you'll find. Its also got 460 hp and 357 lb-ft of torque going to the rear wheels via Ferrari's "F1" automatic gearbox. Schumacher was reportedly quite a fan of the car's mid-mounted V8 engine as well.

Unfortunately, pricing is "if you have to ask." Given the cash some of Schumacher's other personal vehicles have gone for, its safe to say this won't be a cheap car. That said, the going rate for a California of similar mileage and spec is around $150,000-$260,000. We'd imagine one of the most famous names in racing might add a few more digits to that number.

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