You Can Buy The Sick VW Beetle From Gran Turismo

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At least the widebody kit, you're on your own for power upgrades.

Building cars from movies or comic books or video games is always a cool exercise, though usually, they're just for show. But German tuners Prior Design and JP Performance will now build you the racy-looking Volkswagen Beetle from Gran Turismo Sport. You just need a donor Beetle from 2011-2019 and a decently sized checkbook.

The kit was created with permission from Polyphony Digital, the video game's maker, and Volkswagen. And according to the website it's only 5,950 euros in Germany, which translates to $7,266. Prior Design says it wanted "to bring the really extreme look of the original car to reality." Partner JP Performance has a five-part documentary on building a real version, with real performance upgrades, of the vehicle, all in German. But for now we can only get the body.

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The kit comes with new wheel arches, side skirts, bumpers, an integrated rear diffuser and a huge spoiler, just like the game. It was known to be a quick car in Gran Turismo Sport, and a sporty handling vehicle, if not all-out speedy. And the kit will be limited to just 53 examples according to JP Performance.

There's no talk of performance upgrades for the kit, but in the documentary they installed an inline five-cylinder engine in their prototype, we're guessing from VW Group's Audi brand. In the RS3 it made 394 hp. If JP and Prior Design could do something like that for sale, we'd be seriously impressed.

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The whole project is being developed and manufactured in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany. And as of right now there still looks to be kits available, though much of the talk on the website is how they're going to sell out soon.

Prior Design specializes in these types of widebody kits. A few years ago, it customized an Audi R8 and also tried its hand at the gorgeous Ferrari 458. The Audi was just a visual bodykit while the Ferrari was lowered and got an ECU tune in addition to the body modifications.

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