You Can Buy This Former SWAT H1 Hummer For $125,000

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Everything SWAT included. Except for guns.

Why someone needs this thing is irrelevant. It'd just be cool to own, plain and simple. And for $125,000 it's yours. This 1998 Overland H1 Hummer, up for sale on Autotrader, is a former SWAT vehicle that, aside from its lack of weapons, is nearly the same as it was when in service. Powered by a 6.5-liter turbo diesel V8, this thing has just 18,000 miles on it and was assigned to the DEA Special OPPs Unit somewhere in Nevada. We're just guessing it's in Nevada because the private seller is located in that state.

It was supposedly just one of three produced and features goodies like a backup camera and a 12,100 GVW Humvee chassis. Obviously it's the two-door version because of that massive rear cabinet, which boasts an aluminum tube frame construction with double skin walls. Its exterior features four storage cabinets and a hydraulic rear entrance. Heck, there's a so-called "Yacht Hatch" exit to the roof. There's also adjustable shelving, rubber matted floor, aluminum folding swing ladder and roof rack, and two-folding steps for roof access. Mounted on the exterior is a sledge, shovel, ax, pick, fire extinguisher and a first aid kit contained in an aluminum box.

Riding on run-flat tires, its new owner will undoubtedly find some use for the 12,000 warn winch, roof-mounted spotlights and night lights. This is one of those completely unnecessary but oh so cool purchases someone with enough bank won't be able to resist. And no, guns are not included. Photos courtesy of Autotrader.

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