You Can Drive This 213 MPH Jaguar XJ220 Anywhere You Want In The US

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Analog supercar goodness is waiting for you.

Back in 1992, the Jaguar XJ220 was the fastest production car in the world. Top speed? 213 mph. The McLaren F1 toppled it the following year when it hit 231 mph. But the XJ220 also held a Nurburgring production car lap record with a time of 7:46.36. The XJ220 was among the many 90s era supercars (think Ferrari F40, Porsche 959, and Bugatti EB110) that adorned many young gearheads' bedroom walls. But why just settle for a poster? This 1994 Jaguar XJ220 is the real deal.

With a total of 570 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque coming from a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 mated to a five-speed manual, it makes the sprint from 0-60 mph in only 3.6 seconds. And you can experience that performance anywhere in America. Not only is it up for sale this very moment on eBay Motors, it's already located in the US, just one of two examples that's 50 state compliant. Yes, that means it's fully legal to drive even in California. You see, with the exception of just one other XJ220, this one meets California's strict environmental laws, an expensive process that, supposedly, could exceed $100,000.

Despite its age, the seller claims it's in excellent condition, with all mechanical work completed in the past 600 miles. Only 4,270 miles are on its clock. Other features include a custom exhaust system, leather trimmed interior with Alcantara seat inserts, limited production Michelin Pilot Sport tires, and even a fire extinguisher. How much will all this awesomeness cost you? The Buy It Now Price is listed at $543,789. Hat tip to "akanando11" Photos courtesy of Cats Exotics via eBay.

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