You Can Forget About a Production-Spec Lexus LF-C2. It's Not Happening

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Instead we'll get a three-row crossover.

Forget any speculation or rumors for this one. Lexus has made its decision already regarding the future of its just unveiled LF-C2 convertible concept at LA. The apparent drop-top version of the RC coupe won't have a future at all, according to a report coming from Motor Trend. The project is already dead on arrival. And some people at Lexus are pretty annoyed about the whole thing right about now for good reason. Basically, the RC coupe was purposely engineered to be more rigid and strengthened for the eventual convertible version.

That also means it was made heavier than it really had to be, and now Lexus management has cancelled the model for good. Why? Because dealers don't want a halo convertible, they want a three-row crossover to compete with the likes of the BMW X5 and Audi Q7. So this is where the development money will be invested. The existing GX 460 SUV doesn't sell well, and dealers are anxious for this trend to end. So scratch an RC convertible. Lexus doesn't believe enough people will buy one. What they will surely buy is a three-row crossover based on the next generation LS sedan.

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