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It should make DIY-ing your Venom F5 a little easier.

Hennessey makes some wild stuff. A big part of making something as wild as the Venom F5 or the massive Mammoth 6x6 is learning how to tune those hugely powerful engines. You could argue that if the brand is known for one thing, it's making big power from factory motors. Now, you can learn how to do just that.

The tuning and performance car company has announced a new 14-week course that'll teach you how to get the most out of a motor. Fitting of its educational leanings, Hennessey has made the name sound like something you'd find out about at the registrar's office.

Hennessey Performance
Hennessey Performance

It calls the program "200 Automotive Technology - Advanced Tuning." The Sealy, Texas-based company says it'll teach "high-level tuning through a balanced program of practical lab-based learning and instructor-led lecture sessions." Sounds like there might be some prerequisites for this course. In fact, there are. Hennessey will offer the program to students that have completed a 100-level course of the same name.

In total, it'll take students over 100 hours of lectures and 175 hours of hands-on lab experience to get their degree from John Hennessey's school of go-fast. Some of that lab time will, of course, include some time spent around the dyno, hopefully not making cars go boom. Hennessey teaches students on its own dyons, which can output speeds of up to 200 mph and withstand up to 2,000 hp.

Students will even be able to do some real-world testing on Hennessey's own track. They'll use a myriad of muscle cars to do so, including a Hellcat, a Camaro SS, and a Ford Mustang GT.


The school was founded by Hennessey to help teach the next wave of professionals entering the automotive industry. Apparently, it works. More than half of Hennessey's current technicians are Tuning School grads. Additionally, this is a real school. You can go here on the GI Bill if you want. Excuse us while we cry into our "STUDENT LOAN: FINAL NOTICE" letters.

Jokes aside, the tuning school helps to fill a hole in the automotive industry. An increasingly slim group of people comprise the next generation of automotive technicians, and perhaps working with one of America's best-known tuning companies will draw more young minds in. After all, who else is going to tune your Mustang?

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