You Can No Longer Apply For A Mercedes Project One In The US

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If you want one and haven't registered, you're too late.

The Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar is still shrouded in mystery for the most part, with its debut still not scheduled until the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. Apart from a few teaser photos and sketches, we still don't even know what it looks like, though artist renders have given us a good idea. Billed as an F1 race car for the road, the 1,000-hp Project One has unsurprisingly attracted a lot of interest – but only 275 will be built. And you have to be selected by Mercedes before you can be eligible to buy one after registering your interest.

Road and Track reports that prospective customers were recently invited to get a first look at the Project One in a private event during the Geneva Motor Show before its official reveal. The car shown wasn't running, but the design was apparently 85 percent complete. If you haven't already registered your interest in the hypercar, then we have bad news for you: Mercedes stopped accepting applications from prospective US buyers on March 17. If you want one and haven't registered, you're too late. With the deadline now over, Mercedes is hand-picking a small selection of privileged US customers that will be entitled to buy the hypercar when it goes on sale.

Mercedes-AMG project manager Melissa Witek told Road and Track that Mercedes is being very selective, trusting only loyal Mercedes customers who intend to use the Project One on the track where it was intended rather than putting it in storage to watch it appreciate. When it goes on sale, the Project One will be sold directly from Mercedes-AMG for around $2.4 million. The number of Project Ones allocated for US buyers should then be announced in May, with deliveries scheduled to start in 2019. Right now, September seems like a long time to wait until the Project One's reveal, but hopefully it won't be too long until more information is revealed about the revolutionary hypercar.

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