You Can Now Buy A Brand New AC Cobra 260


Is it worth the $670,000 pre-tax asking price?

Jaguar might be the most noteworthy manufacturer of continuation cars nowadays, courtesy of its Lightweight E-Type and XKSS limited-run ventures, but it's not the only company that's ventured down this route. You could buy a freshly-built Studebaker Avanti until about a decade or so ago, and it's possible to buy a "new" DMC-12 from DeLorean And now Autocar has reported that AC Heritage is looking at jumping on that bandwagon with a new series of Cobra 260 models.

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Officially referred to by AC as the 'AC Cobra Mk 1 260 Legacy Edition,' the nine examples of this Cobra reincarnation that'll be built will be as authentic to the original car as possible. For instance, all examples will be left-hand-drive only, the aluminum bodywork is shaped by hand and all of the major mechanical components (namely the leaf spring rear suspension and the 260-cubic-inch V8 engines) will be replicated as faithfully as possible. As AC Heritage owns most of the AC Cars' original tooling, the Cobra 260 continuation cars will also be put together with the same devices that assembled the original vehicle that firmly put AC on the automotive map.

Considering all the time and effort that'll be required to build these nine cars, it's probably no real surprise that a Legacy Edition Cobra won't be cheap. AC Heritage is citing a pre-tax price of £500,000, meaning you'll need nearly $670,000 lying around in order to buy one of these authentic AC Cobra recreation cars. Then again, with values of the original cars sky rocketing at the moment (the AC Cobra 260 you see in these pictures is the very same one that went for nearly $13 million at auction recently), 670 grand probably seems a reasonable price for a new Cobra that's pretty much identical to the original in almost every single way.

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