You Can Now Buy Camaros For An Absurd $19k Or Corvette Z06s For $68k


GM scurries to end 2016 on a good note so it's slashing prices left and right.

If you're in the market for a new car, now is the time to walk into a Chevrolet dealership. This may sound a bit like an advertisement, but we are really just genuinely astonished at the discounts that are being offered by GM at the moment. If you're looking for a "normal" car like a Malibu or Cruze, you can get insane incentives of up to 20 percent off. The volume sellers are the ones that have the best deals, but don't think for a second that GM is cutting the cool cars from the awesome savings. The Camaro and Corvette are now 10 percent off MSRP.


So what does this mean if you are in the market for a base model Camaro or Corvette? Normally a base Camaro has an MSRP of $25,905 and the Corvette as an MSRP of $55,450. We looked around and found a 2016 Camaro LT at David Stanley Chevrolet in Oklahoma for just $19,822. We also found a 2016 Corvette Stingray for just $45,334 at Bomnin Chevrolet in Florida. That means that without having to haggle, you can purchase a Corvette for more than $10,000 off sticker price. Now, we know our readers are probably thinking, "that's great, but I would only be happy with the more powerful Z06 Corvette." Well, prepare to be excited, because those are discounted as well.

The least expensive Z06 that we could find had a base price of $80,940. The car is a 2017 model that's being sold at Chapman Chevrolet in Philadelphia. This particular Z06 has been marked down to $68,998, making it the cheapest example that we could find. If you shop around for the right deal, you can even find a Z06 that is marked down by as much as $20,000. You can then take those savings and buy a brand new four-cylinder Camaro to use as a daily driver. If you were even remotely considering buying a Chevy, now is the time to rush into the dealership and get yourself an insane deal.


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