You Can Now Buy Caterhams In A Department Store


Though only in a really posh one in London.

Judging by more recent events, it appears the traditional method of buying your new car could be on the way out at some point. Some carmakers, for instance, have set up showrooms without any sales staff in shopping centers, and some companies let you agree upon a sales price for your next set of wheels without even setting foot in a dealership! Now, as Caterham handily demonstrates, it's possible to buy your next car from a department store.

Admittedly, this isn't just any old store that Caterham's setting up shop in. The establishment that you can now buy Britain's most iconic kit car from is Harrods, the world famous department store based out of the extremely high end district of Knightsbridge in London. Considering Harrods' prestigious status, it's perhaps no surprise to know that it isn't just any Caterham Seven that's being sold exclusively through the outlet. Instead, a bespoke 'Harrods Seven' edition - complete with butterscotch leather upholstery, a chassis that's been powder-coated in gold and an asking price of 59,999 GBP (or nearly $75,000 at current exchange rates).

Prospective Caterham buyers who don't quite have that kind of spare change, though, will be pleased to know this Harrods edition also introduces a new 'Caterham Signature' personalization program. From unique paint options and roundel designs, to smaller and more personal details like having your name embroidered into the upholstery, Caterham will allow its clients to specify (within reason, of course) whatever they want in order to make their respective Sevens that bit more bespoke and exclusive. That said, it wouldn't surprise us if most of these Signature Sevens end up being customized to look like the Lotus Seven as depicted in the hit British TV show The Prisoner...

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