You Can Now Buy One Of Colin McRae's Subaru Impreza Rally Cars

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Understandably, it's commanding quite the asking price.

More often than not in motorsport, it's the carmaker-driver combos that become synonymous with an era. Schumacher and Senna will forever remain synonymous with Ferrari and McLaren respectively, for instance, and the Le Mans legend Derek Bell is known in motorsport circles the world over for his career at Porsche. Perhaps the most well-known pairings in recent racing history, though, is Colin McRae and the Subaru World Rally Team - and Mohr Klassik GmbH has a piece of that treasured partnership up for sale right now.

Mohr Klassik GmbH

Currently in stock at its showroom in Boblingen near Stuttgart, the 1997 Subaru Impreza WRC you see here is the very car driven by the late rally legend Colin McRae in that year's FIA World Rally Championship. Though it sadly wasn't able to see McRae through to outright glory in the driver's championship (only one point separated McRae from eventual champion, Tommi Makinen), this machine nevertheless romped home with five outright stage wins, thus helping secure Subaru its third and final constructors' championship title. Needless to say, the Subaru Impreza 'P2 WRC' is right up there with some of rallying's most notable machines.

As a result of that status, this Subaru Impreza WRC doesn't come cheap. Mohr Klassik GmbH is currently listing the car at 280,000 Euros, which converts into nearly $313,000 at current exchange rates. Still, for a potential once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we reckon it's easily worth the money. Better still, the vehicle's in full working order and has been barely used since being comprehensively restored in 2009, so it's also perhaps the most pristine ex-McRae Impreza you'll find on the market for a while. Fingers crossed the eventual buyer enters the car into the grueling rally events the Subaru and its iconic Scottish driver forged their famous reputations in. Images courtesy of Mohr Klassik GmbH.

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