You Can Now Buy The Rights To All Of Saleen's Supercars

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You'll be getting a lot more than just cars.

From 2000 and 2004, the Saleen S7 was one of the most badass supercars in production. And now you or anyone else with dough can purchase all of the rights associated with the vehicle. That's right, forget buying one Saleen S7. Everything that has to do with the Saleen S7 is up for grabs. According to Motor Authority, a company called GA Global Partners is selling all of the intellectual property that associated with the S7, S7R and the S5S Raptor concept.

The sale will include "all remaining inventory, parts, memorabilia, molds, designs, and intellectual property" for the aforementioned supercars. The sale also includes six S7s and S7R chassis, as well as the S5S concept car that Saleen was in the process of building. All items on sale have been "kept in safe storage for the past five years" and interested buyers can now place a bid on the whole lot. There's no word on how much all of this will go for or if there's a reserve price.

While it's extremely unfortunate this is happening to the company, this sale is a true goldmine for an enthusiast or company looking to get into the supercar game. The Saleen S7 is still heralded as one of America's prettiest, craziest and fastest supercars ever to hit the road. It looks like financial trouble has finally caught all the way up to Saleen, but now a lucky company or person has the opportunity to get the beastly supercars back on the road.

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