You Can Now Buy The World's Most Original Jaguar XJS Shooting Brake

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Even the Pirelli tires are the same set the car came with!

Jaguar's dabbled with quite a few car types and body styles over the years, but one shape it's never appeared to be too fond for is the wagon. For sure, things picked up a bit with the X-Type and the XF (with a new XF Sportbrake due sometime next year), but it's telling that Jaguar didn't bring to market its own estate during the 20th century. There was, though, a demand for more practical Jags during this time, as demonstrated by this particular Jaguar XJS that's being sold by CKL Developments in Woodcote, United Kingdom.

Further making this Jaguar XJS even more interesting is that it's got quite the backstory. Though not the very first example, this particular version was one of the very initial XJSs to be converted by Lynx Engineering into an 'Eventer' wagon. And, if we do say so ourselves, Lynx did a rather excellent job with the '2+2 GT into a wagon' transformation. It's also worth pointing out that the Lynx Eventer itself is an exceptionally rare vehicle: despite being produced from 1982 to 2002, only 67 Lynx Eventers were ever made, with 52 of them (such as this 'Coronet Gold' example) being based on the pre-facelift Jaguar XJS. So, yeah, quite an interesting classic wagon.

A back story like that would normally be enough, but that's not where the intriguing details end. What makes this particular Eventer stand out from the already slim crowd is that it's incredibly original, with hardly anything being tampered with or altered. In the 5,027 miles it's racked up since its original registration date in 1983, only smaller components like suspension bushings have been replaced, leaving everything else as it was when the first owner picked it up. Heck, even the Pirelli tires are the same set of rubber that this Lynx Eventer came with originally! Put simply, you'll be hard pressed to find a more pristine and original Jaguar XJS, and the fact it's a Lynx Eventer version makes it even more of a collector's item.

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