You Can Now Configure Your Dream Ferrari 812 Superfast


How would you spec your ideal Ferrari 812 Superfast?

The Ferrari 812 Superfast promises to be a special supercar, simply because it’s likely to be the last ever naturally-aspirated V12 Ferrari roadcar. Sadly, the dream of owning one of the finest Ferraris ever made is likely to remain just that – a dream. Still, at least you can pretend you’re wealthy enough to afford one, because the Italian supercar maker has now launched an online configurator allowing you to fulfill your fantasies and spec out your dream Ferrari 812 Superfast.

The extensive array of customization options is mind-boggling, though not unusual for Ferrari. Privileged customers have a choice of 37 colors for the exterior, and if that’s not enough Ferrari will let you spec your own custom hue. Six wheel designs are available, and you can even choose from one of nine color options for the brake calipers. If the Ferrari 812 Superfast still doesn’t look aggressive enough for you, buyers can apply exposed carbon fiber to the front wing, bumper, under-door cover, rear diffuser and trunk area. Tinted side glass is also available to shield you from nosy onlookers. Unsurprisingly, the customization options for the interior are even more comprehensive.

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Everything from the seats and door panels to the dashboard can be coated in practically any color you desire. For a more personal touch, the upholstery can be colored in one of 15 different shades, and you can even change the style of stitching. Ferrari doesn’t show how these optional extras affect the price, but then that probably isn’t going to be a worry if you can afford one in the first place. We can only hope that Koenigsegg follows its rivals and releases a configurator for the Regera. How would you spec your ideal Ferrari 812 Superfast? Let your imaginations run wild and show us your craziest creations in the comments below.