You Can Now Create Your Own Version Of Aston Martin's Hardcore Vantage GT8


That aero pack is a must.

There's a really good chance you'll never get behind the wheel of an Aston Martin Vantage GT8 or see one in the wild. That's one of the many cold hard truths this world is full of. But fortunately all mere mortals can make their own Vantage GT8 now that the automaker has launched its configurator. Unfortunately the configurator doesn't come with pricing options but those would be useless anyway as we expect all 150 units are already spoken for. Oh, and none of those will be coming to the US.

The configurator has an intuitive layout that only features exterior options. That's just a bit crappy as this Aston Martin isn't a totally stripped-out track animal. It still offers creature comforts like a 160-watt sound system and an infotainment system. Still, not getting to play with the inside is a bit of an advantage as there are quite a few exterior options to mull over. There's an impressive array of paint and the optional aero package drastically changes the look of the GT8. We included it and also slapped on a carbon fiber roof and grille. Check out the configurator for yourself and let us know which route you took in the comments.

Aston Martin
Aston Martin
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