You Can Now Order A Brand-New First-Generation Ford Bronco

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Don't wait for the new model to arrive, get the original built from scratch.

The Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015 should be every car enthusiast's favorite bill. The act allows low volume car companies to build a small number of vehicles each year under unique safety and emissions restraints that recognize the limits of low-volume production. So far this bill has helped the revived DeLorean Motor Company reintroduce the DMC-12 that was made famous in Back To The Future, while movie director Cameron Glickenhaus has taken advantage of the law to build his own race car for the road, the SCG003.

Now we have news that yet another vehicle is set to be produced under the guidelines of the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act. Gateway Bronco, a restoration firm that focuses on maintaining and renovating first-generation Ford Broncos, has recently reached a finalized license agreement with Ford that will permit the company to begin production on a limited number of "new" 1966-77 Broncos.

Gateway Broncos

Gateway Bronco has plans to offer three versions of its new/old Bronco, with prices starting at $120,000 and topping out at $180,000. There will be a five-year warranty that will protect all aspects of the SUV, including the modern reinforcements used on the chassis. The Broncos will come fitted with a Ford Coyote 5.0L V8 engine, also found in the Mustang, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. The company claims that they will use measures exclusively known to Gateway Bronco to protect the off-roaders from rust and deterioration, and that the ride will be smoother and more compliant that the original 1960's vehicles.

The Broncos will be constructed completely from scratch with all-new material, meaning it qualifies as a new car as opposed to a restored vehicle brought up to modern standards. While the Gateway Broncos will not feature the original powertrain, their preservation of the classic styling paired with the Coyote V8 is bound to make these builds well worth the asking price. With Ford also bringing back the Bronco as an all-new model within the next couple of years, which would you rather have?

Gateway Broncos

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