You Can Now Order A Tesla Model 3 Without A Required Reservation

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Is this a sign past production troubles have been sorted?

Remember a couple of years ago when anxious Tesla buyers plucked down a $1,000 or so to guarantee a reservation for one of the first Model 3s? It seems like that was so long ago considering the many ups and downs Tesla has gone through to get Model 3 production up and running consistently. And perhaps one of the most clear-cut signs the Model 3 assembly line is finally ready to go is that you no longer need a reservation to buy the car. Tesla has just announced that US customers can now place a Model 3 order online and will only be required to wait 1 to 3 months until delivery.

The Model 3 can also be configured with Long Range and Performance options as well. However, the press release makes no mention of the entry-level (and most affordable) Model 3, which is said to start around $35,000. Something else though about the Model 3 Performance variant: it can drift. Apparently, all that one needs to do is turn down the electronic safety bits like stability control and you're all set. Remember, the Model 3 Performance is equipped with a dual-motor and AWD as standard, allowing for a 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds and a range of 310 miles per charge.

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To compare, the standard Model 3 offers RWD while AWD and dual-motor are optional. Zero to 60 mph in RWD requires 5.6 seconds and range, according to the EPA, is about 215 miles. The Long Range Model 3 is sort of the mid-level trim, with up to 310 miles per charge, RWD or dual-motor AWD, and a 4.5-5.1 second 0 to 60 time. If you have the means, go for the Performance. But in any case, if Tesla is now promising a 1 to 3 month delivery time that means most if not all production issues have been sorted out. So, is it time to start talking about a Model Y production start date?


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