You Can Now Order Your Audi In Porsche Blue

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A world of new colors awaits.

Audi's RS7 is a beast of a car, especially after the performance upgrade that took place gave it over 600 horsepower. While the car does have a bunch of options available when you decide on spending big money, there were some limits to what you could have done. Some dealerships may add in special services like painted wheels or special window tints and paint protections, but now the clinical Audi range can be had with special custom colors - colors that can tell people around that you're not a boring accountant.

This simply stunning blue Audi RS7 may look similar to other versions out there, but a true Audi enthusiast will notice the shade isn't quite the same as what's found online in the Audi Configurator, that of Sepang Blue pearl and the very cool Ascari Blue Metallic. That's because Audi Exclusive now offers new options, options that aren't just limited to the exterior paint. It seems that colors on offer come from within the Volkswagen Audi Group with this RS7 seen here that's been covered in a bewitching paint from Porsche called Voodoo Blue, a color from the Porsche Exclusive program. Performance stays the same for the RS7 as the 4.0-liter twin-turbo remains stock, so 0-60 mph happens in 3.7 seconds when the hammer drops.

The Audi Exclusive service extends to the interior cabin of the RS7 where things have been changed to match the exterior paint. Everywhere you look there's blue, blue and more blue. The only break in the color is from the parts that can be found in a brushed aluminum and carbon fiber. It's almost too much blue, it looks like a village of Smurfs was slaughtered inside. We'd choose to have some parts left in the factory black, but we do know that many of you out there will love this. The seats, the door cars, the steering wheel and everything else that is covered in leather has been switched to blue. This new exclusive service should mean we'll see many customized Audis out there soon - and that isn't a bad thing.

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