You Can Now Own Chris Brown's Lamborghini For A Bargain Price

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It doesn't get much better than this.

Rapper Chris Brown is a known celebrity gearhead. In fact, the hip hop star was recently filmed taking delivery of the very first Rezvani Beast on the market. In order to make room is in his garage for the newly acquired Beast, Brown listed his famed Tupac Lyric Lamborghini Gallardo for sale on eBay not too long ago for a paltry $99,999. However, it would seem as if the celebrity-owned supercar is having little success at finding a buyer. The car has now resurfaced for sale again and this time at the discounted rate of only $89,999.

Considering the fact that the 2004 Gallardo only has 16,457 miles on the odometer, features a totally original custom paint job, custom suede interior, body kit, matte black 20-inch Asanti wheels, aftermarket exhaust system and was owned by Chris Brown, we'd say this seems like an awesome deal for anyone looking for something special on the used Lamborghini market. Any takers?

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